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The Sun-Flex Skylight™

The high impact insulated glass of the Sun-Flex Skylight™ can withstand the strong Florida climate and stay clean and clear.

The competition “dome” style plastic can yellow and become brittle over time.

Look below to compare the benefits and advantages of the Sun-Flex Skylight™ for yourself.


Low Profile: Only 3” in height with an attractive “Architectural Look” for a sleek roof line
Unsightly “Curb Appeal”: Highly visible plastic dome can protrude up to 10” from roof line
Insulated Impact (Hurricane) Glass:
Will never yellow in Florida’s hot sun and it will never discolor over time. Stays quiet even in a hard rain
Impact Polycarbonate Dome: Becomes brittle and yellow over time and produces a drum-like noise during hard rain
Roof Glass: 4 layers of energy efficient protection
Plastic Dome: Only 1 or 2 layers; not durable
Certified Testing: Large Projectile Impact rated and can successfully withstand wind gusts in excess of 200 mph. more...
Certified Testing: Large Projectile Impact rated and can withstand wind gusts of only up to 130 mph
Aluminum Welded Flashing: Leak proof design will never rust or crack
“Galvalume” or Polycarbonate (Plastic) Flashing: Cracks over time
Interior Trim: Round interior ceiling trim finish
Interior Trim: Some brands only offer one choice
Excellent Warranty:
20-year manufacturer’s written limited warranty
Basic Warranty:
10-year on national brands
Ceiling Ring: Durable ABS non-corrosive material
Ceiling Ring: Plastic. Some manufacturer’s only offer wood
Cleaning: Easy to clean ceiling diffuser with weather proof, marine grade gasket
(no screws to remove)
Cleaning: Difficult to remove and clean ceiling diffuser. Some require tools
Additional Benefits of the Sun-Flex Skylight™:

Ultimate in Insulation: 5 panels standard, or optional 6 panels, of insulation from roof to ceiling.

Available in 14” and 22” sizes!

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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